About Us

Welcome, everyone to One Darn Horse Boutique!!

I am so excited that you’ve found your way here!

I'm Darcy, the owner & founder of One Darn Horse Boutique.  One Darn Horse Boutique owner

A farm/ranch wife in Kansas, mom of three(boy/girl/boy), horse lover, shopaholic, coffee addict, Dr. Pepper junkie, a people pleaser, who most of the time is running on fumes keeping up with all things wives & moms do for their family. 

One Darn Horse Boutique was founded in 2019. At the time, I was a stay at home mom, with a new baby girl. I had previously worked for 10 years, as the head Veterinary Technician, at a mixed animal practice Veterinary Clinic (I have a bachelor's degree from Kansas State University in Animal Sciences). I am not one who does well with idle hands & was ready for work, but wanted something that was on my terms, my time, my own - starting an online boutique sounded like a perfect idea! 

One Darn Horse Boutique offers a unique selection of clothing influenced by my love for all things western and country. We are a Western-Chic Boutique!

My goal is to be able to curate and pick inventory to fit today's style for every body! Let’s be honest I LOVE TO SHOP and this is the ultimate shopping experience for me! Plus, I want to offer my customers, YOU, more of what you love and want to wear. 

I appreciate each and every purchase on a personal level. Your purchases truly mean the world to me and I try my best to ensure every customer has a pleasant experience with One Darn Horse Boutique. This wouldn't be possible without amazing customers, so a big THANK YOU all for your support, even if you're new here. 

Fun Fact: One Darn Horse Boutique is named in honor of my heart horse, Darn Impressive.